SEO and Marketing: Why Your Site Needs Search Engine Optimization


Are you wondering if it is worth having a website optimized for your company? Do SEO and marketing really go hand in hand? The answer is yes! But why?

SEO in marketing plays an incredibly important role when it comes to running your business – especially when your business is online-based, or reliant upon a website for traffic and information. Having a website optimized for search engines is one of the most important tools you should use to reach more customers for your company.

Competing against any other like businesses in any industry is difficult today, both online and offline. It’s important to draw in qualified leads through organic search engine optimization. SEO is the long term strategy for your business to continue drawing leads, and generating ongoing revenue.

​Here are benefits that search engine optimization offers. Once you optimize your website for search engines, you can literally put your business on the map.

1. SEO helps you reach more customers

The biggest advantage of having an optimized website is the ability to reach more customers.

Most people today look to the online medium to look for the products or services they need, gather information about the company, and review products before purchase. Having an online presence that people can easily find is very useful. Indeed, it is the key to reaching your target customers and, gradually, to grow your company. This is why SEO and marketing are essential aspects of any business.

2. Your potential customers are always looking for information on companies like yours
Since the Internet has become a strong source of information, it is normal for people to want to get to know your company or offer better before coming to you.

Having said that, search engine optimization becomes very important. A well-optimized website can be found more easily and should offer your potential customers the opportunity to get to know you better, as a business.

3. Local SEO can put you on the map
Local SEO can be incredibly effective in increasing the visibility of your company in your city.

If your target customers are in a specific place – Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna … etc. – they might be very happy to find that your business is right nearby and can meet their needs.

Think about it. How many times have you searched online for terms such as “ice cream shop near me” or “restaurant open in Victoria” (or in any other city)? Regarding this type of research, it is no longer just about finding a specific place. Now it’s about finding a specific thing, in a specific area and also in a specific period of time.

Today, people expect search technology to immediately find places in their area where they can get what they need. Having said that, it goes without saying that having a well-optimized online presence can only help.

4. Search engine optimization pays off
Every small company that wants to appear among the first results in search engines needs an SEO consultant to make its business visible. And why? Because an SEO expert with experience in the sector could take care of the online presence of your business while you take care of your customers.

At VDM, we employ full scale SEO strategies to encompass an SEO content strategy, technical SEO, local SEO, and off-page SEO.

5. A well-optimized online presence leads to better awareness of your brand
When your potential customers search for a product online, they will rarely click past the first page of a search engine. It’s true! And if your brand needs more visibility, you should highly consider SEO optimization as your first option. People will trust more of your brand if it immediately appears among their searches, or among the first on the engines, creating brand familiarity and awareness.

​6. Your business will be easier to find on mobile devices

Mobile devices make up for the majority of online website traffic, and therefore, non-responsive website design could impede the visibility of your online business.

The explanation is simple. Google has already announced that they are moving towards a more mobile-focused indexing and from there, SEO has changed. Having a responsive well designed website influences your SEO through positive user behavior signals. This means that NOT having a responsive website affects your SEO in a negative way.

Over the years, web traffic from mobile devices has continued to increase. And that’s why having an optimized mobile presence is a huge benefit for your business.

7. Search engine optimization – or the “recipe” to overcome the competition
Even if you keep postponing your site’s SEO, think about this: your competition won’t do it for sure!

All companies, large or small, mainly rely on organic research to reach more customers. An advertising campaign can also work wonders, but never underestimate the power of SEO optimization because that is what will ‘push’ you to the top of the long term search engines.

8. Google prefers SEO-optimized websites
If your site is full of broken links, typos, missing alt text or title tags, Google will prefer your competitors fully optimized pages, and rank you lower. 

Let’s get your website fully optimized for SEO today.

Learn about VDM’s SEO services in Victoria, and get your website ranking.