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We represent your brand to create awareness in media.

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We build strategic and well timed press campaigns and media management for your brand story, identifying current events and trends and sending out press releases to our roster of media professionals. 

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How can we help with press and media?

Identify value propositions


We look for the best opportunities for media exposure by determining your individual or brand value propositions, and begin to strategize ways to advertise these through current events, media trends, and meaningful relationships with print and news media professionals. 

Create a brand persona


Our team will create a refined brand persona with your messaging, tone, values, and define your brand persona and voice when it comes to integrating with media and the public eye. We will make sure your brand message is consistent online and in the news. 

Track current events


We stay up to date with current news events and global changes to identify opportunities for press releases and media announcements that fit in your brand niche and area of expertise. 

Build media relationships


In today’s day and age, it’s all about who you know. We make sure that our team is always nurturing and building business relationships with the ideal media personalities, with a focus on their passions in reporting. 

Public relations coaching


We will strategically guide you through the best ways to communicate your message across media channels and accurately portray your brand messaging through interviews, print media, and video prep coaching and interview script training. 

Media monitoring


We track any and all mentions of you or your brand throughout media channels online, in print, and on television to monitor and record previous press. This also helps to build our media personality roster for future press releases. 

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