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Customized SEO strategies that get you measureable results.

What We Do

We rank your website higher on Google.

Get discovered by your ideal search users, effectively.

We will work together to tell the story of your brand in a way that your end users convert when they find your website organically on Google.

Our team brings

How can we improve your SEO?

Industry analysis


Our team starts with an in-depth industry analysis and audit of your competitors to parallel your website against typical industry leaders. We recognize the successes of search engine optimization to identify gaps in keywords, content, backlink opportunities, and technical strategies for your Victoria SEO needs.

You receive a full copy of our audit and analysis.

Customized strategy


We believe your strategy should be as unique as you are. Two businesses that share the same industry each deserve their own customized SEO strategy that suits their needs to get the best results. 

Our team doesn’t believe in competing with ourselves. We will only accept one client and industry per target radius. Our client list is carefully curated to avoid competition.

Audience targeting


We will determine your business target audience through industry demographics, buyer personas, ideal user journeys, and measurable metrics through Analytics and further data. We will determine the best way to reach your audience through ideal content that they will actively be searching for, to capture the TOFU (top of funnel) traffic which is most likely to convert. 

Content strategy


Our dedicated team of content strategists will define ideal topics through thorough keyword research to build a content strategy to draw in and convert visitors. We work with visionary content writers who will tell your brand story in a way that’s enticing, authoritative, and informative to rank your website and content on Google. We will assess the content strategy quarterly. 

Measureable goals


Search engine optimization cannot be measured without goals. Our team will determine a list of achievable and measureable goals with our search engine optimization strategy, including: increased organic traffic, higher rankings for valuable target keywords, more qualified audiences and conversions, and creating shareable content to create natural organic backlinks. 

Actionable results


Victoria SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore we request our clients sign a minimum 12 month contract in order to begin seeing results from search engine optimization campaigns. We work for you to get you results from your SEO campaigns, employing white hat SEO tactics based on informative topics, organic backlinking, technical SEO optimization, and content users find valuable. 

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