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Keep your website healthy, fast, and secure.

What We Do

We ensure your website is optimized.

Trust that your website is fully functional.

We provide monthly and semi-monthly website maintenance packages to ensure your plugins and CMS are up to date, as well as keep your site safe from malicious attacks.

Our team brings

How can we help keep your site safe?

Create regular backups


We create monthly, or semi-monthly backups of your current website. This way, in the event of an emergency, we always have a current copy of your website stored with our team, on multi-layered security enabled devices.

Keep plugins current


Oftentimes updating plugins on WordPress can cause bloat and conflict, or provide an opportunity for malicious attack. Our team ensures your plugins aren’t conflicting, and that your licenses and usage are current.

Ensure site is secure


We ensure your site is secure from any attacks with our regular maintenance and monitoring. Our website maintenance packages ensure that your site is secure, safe, and funtioning as it should be.

Use trusted hosting


We only work with the locals. VDM uses a local trusted hosting company so your website is never in limbo, you’re never stuck on tech support, you’re a human – not a number in a support system.

Update CMS versions


With regular CMS updates, WordPress can begin to decline in its functionality without regular updates. Our team provides regular updates in a safe manner, always with a current file of your website stored safely.

Regulate site speed


In the digital space, site speed is key. Your website needs to load quickly, otherwise your users ‘bounce’ and you’re missing out on valuable traffic. We keep your website running quickly, and ensure site speed is ideal.

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