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Victoria Digital Marketing builds custom Shopify websites. We provide Shopify web design services across Canada to a number of clients and industries. If you’re looking to maximize the benefits of your e-commerce business, or transition your storefront to a digital platform to start earning online, contact us for a quote on Shopify web design on Vancouver Island.

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These days most website browsers are using their smart phones. It’s estimated that just over 60% of traffic comes from mobile phones! When you’re building your website you want site that looks beautiful both on desktop, and stunning on users mobile phones. 

Yes! We optimize for both desktop and mobile website design in Victoria.

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What’s a user journey?

We use industry data to analyze the user’s flow through your website, and present and design it in a way that makes sense to your target audience, and makes the experience of navigating through your website a breeze for them. Users need a journey that’s tailored to their needs to entice them to convert.

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Too many videos, large images, or plugins can slow your website down. This ends up hurting your SEO and your website domain authority with Google, with an increased bounce rate.

We compress the images to high quality web rendering, ensure videos aren’t eating up site space, and keep your website security up to date.

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Some hosting companies can be prone to malicious hacks and site difficulties. We take that problem off the table by bringing in the experts.

We work with a reliable outside hosting company based on Vancouver Island, who handles safe website hosting, site security and maintenance and more, at a greatly affordable cost and fast turnaround times for questions. 

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SEO is one of your website’s most valuable assets – it’s how you improve your site’s organic traffic sources, drawing in qualified leads and converters.

We use a combination of SEO types, including: on-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, content strategy, link building, and more to bring your target audience to you.

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We start off with an industry and competitor audit, and build you a strategy to continually optimize your website to perform best in its industry.

Whether it’s e-commerce carts, booking capabilities, or custom features, we will build the website that has the functionality that you need.

Our Approach

Explore Victoria Digital Marketing’s approach, featuring an in-depth analysis of online presence, personalized marketing strategies, and a track record of delivering tangible results.


We thoroughly analyze your online presence with a complimentary web design audit.


We build award winning multi-tiered marketing strategies.


We achieve our marketing results, and celebrate wins.

Shopify Cosmic Superpowers

Shopify boasts superpowers of versatility with e-commerce capabilities and a suite of marketing tools, equipping businesses for success in the competitive digital marketplace.

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Shopify is renowned for its versatility, catering to a wide spectrum of businesses. From small startups to large enterprises, it offers scalable e-commerce solutions. Its extensive app store and customizable themes empower users to tailor their online stores, while built-in features streamline operations, making Shopify adaptable and suitable for diverse industries.

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Shopify excels in e-commerce, offering a comprehensive platform for online businesses. It facilitates product listings, secure transactions, and seamless customer experiences. With features like inventory management, SEO tools, and payment gateways, Shopify simplifies every aspect of e-commerce, making it a favored choice for entrepreneurs and established brands alike.

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Shopify's marketing tools are robust, allowing businesses to promote products effectively. Integrated email marketing features enable targeted campaigns and customer engagement. Shopify also offers social media ad integration, simplifying ad creation and tracking. This comprehensive approach empowers businesses to reach wider audiences and maximize their marketing efforts within the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopify website design is crucial for businesses, offering a seamless online shopping experience. Customizable templates and robust e-commerce features enhance brand presence, facilitate sales, and foster customer trust. Scalability accommodates growth, and integrated marketing tools help businesses thrive in the competitive digital marketplace, ensuring long-term success.

When choosing a Shopify website design service, examine their portfolio, experience, and client feedback to gauge design proficiency. Assess their capacity to develop responsive, SEO-friendly sites. Verify the availability of continuous support, security measures, and customization choices to align with your evolving business objectives and requirements.

The timeline for completing a Shopify website design project depends on its intricacy and customization demands. A simple site can conclude within a few weeks, but more complex, customized designs with advanced features may span several months. Effective communication and well-defined project objectives aid in expediting the project.

In Shopify, responsive design holds immense importance as it guarantees seamless adaptation to diverse devices and screen dimensions. This elevates user experience, enhances SEO rankings, and broadens your audience reach, fostering visitor retention and driving superior conversion rates in today’s mobile-centric digital terrain.

Indeed, one of Shopify’s primary benefits lies in its accessible content management system (CMS). You can effortlessly revise and oversee your website’s content, encompassing text, images, and multimedia, with no prerequisite for advanced technical skills. This empowerment enables you to maintain a dynamic and current site that evolves with your business.

Prior to launching a project, Victoria Digital Marketing performs a thorough assessment of your current website. Our Shopify website design services, typically priced between $2,500 and $5,000, include configuring domain and hosting, offering optional stock imagery, crafting content, implementing SEO, and submitting to Google Search Console. We provide fully optimized, mobile-responsive websites.

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