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VDM works with the following local marketing and advertising companies to bring full scale marketing solutions to businesses in our communities.

Jessy Savage
VDM founder and primary digital marketing strategist. Jessy comes from a strong design background with over 17 years experience in graphic design, and 20 years experience in website design. Jessy’s passion is for creating, executing, and celebrating successful search engine optimization campaigns, and prides herself on ranking her clients new websites organically and strategically on Google.
Black Wolf Creatives
Black Wolf Creatives is a creative collective specializing in web development, branding, UX, online marketing and design sprints. Black Wolf Creatives believes brands are the cultural connection between companies and their communities. a technology-oriented studio with equal love for great design and neat code. We believe in the connection between great brand identity, product design and development.
Hi Rise Advertising
Hi Rise Advertising has been supporting businesses in Victoria since 1984 with their immediately recognizeable elevator advertising featured in prominent buildings in the downtown Victoria core and surrounding communities. Hi Rise Advertising curates relationships between business owners, placing them directly in front of the target customer by means of effective print marketing.
Baker St Creative
We offer photography, videography and more in Vancouver. Our team of creative professionals have been working hand in hand with our clients for years, adding our personal touch, and unique insights into the brand you’re developing. While our contributions come in all shapes and sizes, we always approach each project as if it was the most important thing in the world, because to our clients, it usually is.
Kurtis O'Dea Studios
Kurtis is an award winning filmmaker, who graduated with honours. He provides full service video production for your business. He can tell your story and work across many video genres. Whether you are looking for corporate or personal projects, Kurtis can provide script-to-screen solutions with a top-of-the-line professional look and sound. He will create the feel that conveys your message.
Hosting Nation
Hosting Nation, situated in the scenic landscapes of British Columbia, is a privately owned web company. They excel in providing top-tier web hosting services tailored for web-centric enterprises and skilled professionals. Since their inception in 2002, Hosting Nation has been a reliable partner for countless individuals, addressing their diverse web project, web hosting, and domain registration.
We create partnerships

We believe in creating brand trust, and building lasting partnerships with our clients.

We play to our strengths

We have a wide team with varying skills and expertise to ensure projects run smoothly and flawlessly.

We reach the goals we set

We only take on projects we truly believe in, in order to create and reach realistic and achievable goals.

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