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Real Estate Website Design Trends For 2024


Moving into 2024, we understand that the real estate industry is facing a unique series of challenges, perils, and pivots – and pivoting strategies is one of our specialties. We’ve decided to take a small dive and analysis into the real estate website trends for 2024, and what makes a great website for the real estate industry – one that draws attention, attracts, delights, and most importantly – a real estate website that converts. 

Why is a real estate website essential to good marketing? 

  1. A good real estate website creates buyer and seller trust: Buyers and sellers will often research referrals before following up with them, and having an established website ready to go will build trust and provide basic, integral info before the first point of contact even happens. 
  2. Analytics, and accessing customer data: Agents with their own website will have access to their full analytics, and in turn can use those statistics to gauge their client’s needs, what information leads to sales, or passes. That information can guide which content to share more often to increase traffic, and in turn, sales!
  3. Your real estate website provides information and education: Your website is of course a place to sell yourself and your listings, but it can also be a place to share vital information like first time home buyers checklists and other resources for clients, virtual tours, neighbourhood breakdowns, and other fun information that might entice someone to sign on the dotted line. As an added bonus – these articles, tips and tricks help your website immensely for search engine optimization!

Benefits of Having an Updated Website For Real Estate Developers

The benefits of real estate website design are different depending on what kind of real estate you practice and what sort of things you are looking for in a design, but the most common benefits include generating sale leads from a contact form, giving you a crop of already interested clients to contact, and of course setting your listings and business apart from the rest. Having a single page is all well and good but the real benefits come from having a fully integrated and regularly updated full scale website to showcase what you can do. 

Best Elements of Real Estate Website Design

Deciding to buy a house is a huge step in a person’s life, and that can be stressful! Don’t make it any more stressful than it has to be. It’s easy to go overboard with built in plugins and flashy layouts, but the best real estate web design options are simple, clean, easy to use, and full of useful information. Explain your selling stance, set yourself apart. 

More info than you know where to put it? Why not start a weekly or monthly blog and host it on your site! Don’t underestimate the power of good branding, and make sure it remains on theme and memorable. Branding yourself as someone can instantly recognize can make all the difference.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

We are ALL on our phones so much, not having a mobile-friendly website design is unforgivable these days. For some younger people, and your target demographic, they may not even own a laptop or desktop computer, and instead opt to browse and surf entirely on tablets and smartphones. Adapt to this! Make sure your website has a clean and minimalistic mobile friendly version to make sure that anyone can access the information you have available. 

Clear and Easy Website Navigation

Face it, we all want things to be a bit simpler, just in general, and that includes how people navigate your website. Large, bold text paired with easy drop down menus, and a site specific search engine are some of the most sought after facets of a website, along with a regularly updated FAQ!

Search Engine Optimization

The higher your website is on search engines, the more clicks you will get, and the more qualified leads you’ll receive. Seems so simple, and if you spend a bit of time on it, it can be. Keywords are essential, and this is also where those analytics reports come in extremely handy, which words or phrases drive traffic, and what words or phrases do you want associated with your brand or business. 

Easy To Update and Add Listings

Listings come, and listings go, so make sure to make it easy on yourself and your clients, and simplify the process. Simple navigation is key, but the content to navigate is equally important, and keeping those listings current and fresh gives a sense that you have your finger on the pulse of the market as it is today, and what is available to your clients. 

What Makes A Great Website For Real Estate

  • Video header:  This goes along with the mobile friendly website option. The world is changing, and the vast majority of people consume short form video content as much as they read blogs and articles, so why not capitalize on that and include a video intro for your website. Short and sweet, and make sure to sell yourself!
  • Bold typography:  Eye catching photos and videos are one thing, but for the bulk of the information listed on your website, readers want to get straight to the point with the proper headers and content. Make sure those words are legible and easy to read on any background. Make it bold, you’ll see results!
  • Search bars:  Make sure to have the ability to filter through the listings, and give tons of options to do so. Things like property type, budget, neighbourhood, and whether it includes luxury amenities like a BBQ, pool, fitness centre or meeting spaces.
  • Showing schedule:  Fully integrated showing schedules are key. A proper calendar where people can see when there is availability, enter their information, and immediately you both receive confirmation, and the option to add to your device’s calendar to keep track. This makes it easy to run your schedule and not let it run you.
  • Ample media storage:  You’re going to want to show off the properties you have available, and to do that, you’re gonna have to have a lot of space for high resolution photo and video content. Make sure that your hosting server has the capacity you’re looking for, and always make sure to upgrade before it gets full. 

Get A Quote on Real Estate Website Design

So you’re ready to dive in and get yourself a website for your real estate company, and we’ve given you a great deal of things to remember, but the quote process is just as important as the preparation, and we want to make sure you’re prepared to launch your website without issue! Understand that your quote will always depend on the design you’re after, and the turnaround can range from a couple weeks, to a couple months depending on the scope of the project but most designers will have tiered pricing based on turnaround. Make sure the developer has the full picture in their head of what you’re looking for, but we recommend staying flexible.

Choosing a well established and well reviewed developer will ensure that your website is in good hands, and a reasonable channel of communication can be expected in the design process so choose someone you work well with. If you need multi-lingual support make sure to have that up front, as not everyone can accommodate various dialects depending on the region. 

Victoria Digital Marketing provides real estate website design on Vancouver Island, and is here to help build you a stellar website for your real estate company.

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